Graffiti Records Earrings


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This musically inspired pair of HypnoEars are a perfect hit for the funky, soulful, music fashionista. Let your real sound come out this fall while wearing your very own pair. You never know, you might even be asked to sing a song or two while wearing them. 

Handmade from 100% Washable and Frizz-Free Nylon Yarn, these lightweight earrings can be customized to fit any color in your wardrobe.

Available in clip-on, silver plated, and sterling silver findings.

HypnoEars specializes in custom-designed handmade hypnotic earrings. HypnoEars is committed to creating quality earrings that will meet your unique sense of style and expression. Whether you are representing the natural and proud, the sophisticated woman, or the funky fashionista – HypnoEars are made for you!

All earrings come individually packaged in a beautiful black carrying bag that can be used to carry your HypnoEars with you everywhere you go.


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