Return of the Ankh


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This symbol represents life. Right? This portion represents the womb. Sisters, put your hands on your wombs. This portion represents the male principle, or the birth canal. Brothers, put your hands on your male principles. And this portion represents the fallopian tubes. One twenty, one twenty, one twenty. Three hundred and sixty degrees of life. Completion.
Erykah Badu

HypnoEars specializes in custom-designed handmade hypnotic earrings. HypnoEars is committed to creating quality earrings that will meet your unique sense of style and expression. Whether you are representing for the natural and proud, the sophisticated woman, or the funky fashionista – HypnoEars are made for you!
All earrings come individually packaged in a beautiful black carrying bag that can be used to carry your HypnoEars with you everywhere you go.


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